2013 polls a vote of confidence for Aquino, VP

Appraising the May 13 PH national, local elections

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IN A DEMOCRACY where the elected Head enjoys six years of uninterrupted rule, save by an act of God—i.e. death—or the tedious process of impeachment, many has perceived yesterday’s mid-term elections as one of the few means for the people to assess the present tenant of the Malacañan and hold him to account three years after they have voted him to office.

Not only did it serve its purpose, the recent polls likewise turned out to be a test run for incumbent Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” BINAY’s popular appeal as his colleagues prepare his presidential bid come 2016 through his daughter Nancy’s positive—even top notching—attempt for a seat in the august halls of the upper House of the Philippine congress, the Senate.

With a forged coalition among parties represented in the Congress, and a majority win in the said elections, AQUINO III has in categorical terms survived the confidence vote; not barely breathing, but contentious nonetheless.

Issues of traditional wicked practices, say voting buying and corruption, grounding the party political of the presidency and an economic growth yet to be felt by the regular masses still haunt the country’s chief Executive.

Sendong felt in Iligan polls

Meanwhile, in the locale, Sendong was yet again felt by Iliganons—but in polls this time.

Many casted their votes yesterday bearing in mind the dreadful typhoon that hit the city late 2011, and the local government’s (mis-)handling of it.

LP’s mayoralty bet and incumbent city Vice Mayor Henry DY’s poor showing in polls—amidst the governing party’s continued strength in the congressional, vice mayoral and councilorship races—equally suggests dismay with the present city leadership, and a dire need of change within Iligan, enough for his closest rival and crowd favorite Col. Celso REGENCIA to win the ballot.

See COMELEC mirror server for real-time results. Photos lifted from Yahoo! Philippines website. 

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